About Haven Emergency Preparedness

Haven Emergency Preparedness was born after working with international organizations, NGO's, and non-profits through the COVID-19 pandemic, political instability, and the 2022 SUDV outbreak in Uganda where I was working at the time. Many front line organizations were unprepared when these crises hit and needed support. While large organizations often spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to protect their people, most organizations can't afford these contracts but deserve the same support. 

These experiences have taught me one thing, a little bit of preparation and training can turn any person or organization into a capable emergency preparedness partner. In order to support these organizations worldwide, I started Haven Emergency Preparedness, a boutique emergency preparedness consulting firm.

Haven Emergency Preparedness is here to be your partner and to bring you the support you need. We will work with you to create custom preparedness solutions for your organization, environment, risk tolerance, and resources. 

If you are interested in improving your preparedness posture, please reach out for a free exploratory call. 

Our Products

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Crisis Response Plans

Staff Preparedness Assessment 

Security Surveys

Drill & Exercise Support

Incident Command Plans

Emergency Medical Training 

Medical Response Plans 

Guidance from Medical Experts

Knowledge Management

Access to Health, Emergency Preparedness & Security Experts

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